Meet Dr. Keltie

Dr. Keltie Warren is extremely passionate about helping others reach their maximum potential in life. She is the owner of Thrive Chiropractic located in Columbia Falls, Montana. She has spent many years post-graduation learning about neurology and how to test for optimal function in the body. She brings passion when she is speaking and mentoring. As a dedicated wife and mother of 3 beautiful children she fully understands the challenge of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working in a busy world. She has developed peak strategies to be successful in both the office and life, and loves helping others discover the same.


Dr. Keltie has over a decade of learning and working with clients.

Here are some of her notable certifications
Graduate of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College 2013
Functional Neurology Certificate of Completion Brain DC 2019
AVCA Certificate of Completion for Animal Chiropractic 2021
Pediatric Certificate of Completion from Peak Potential Pediatric Institute 2023 – Preparing to sit certification exam
Care for the whole circle of life

Who does Dr. Keltie Work with?

Dr. Keltie has a passion for helping people where ever they are in life. The best thing about Chiropractic is that it is not a treatment for a particular ailment. Rather, it is a holistic approach to health that people of all ages and lifestyles can benefit from.



Expecting mothers



Gentle infant care



Developing care for kids



Care for teens mental & physical wellbeing



Adding life to your years

What you receive during your Initial Visit with Dr. Keltie.

With over a decade of experience and countless continuing education qualifications, Dr. Keltie has developed a comprehensive intake protocol. It is designed to get to know you, make sure you understand everything that is going on and build a plan to guide you to optimal health.

Comprehensive History

10-20 min life history where we review the intake form that helps Dr. Keltie understand what made you, you and how it relates to what is going on with your body.

Understanding Chiropractic

5 min explanation about exactly how chiropractic can most likely help your situation

Posture Photos

Photos to document your current posture and a reference point for further down the road.

Spinal Scans

We use a CLA Scanner in house, to gain valuable insights into your current state.

Heart Rate Variability Test

HRV is controlled by a primitive part of the nervous system called the autonomic nervous system. It works behind the scenes, automatically regulating our heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and digestion among other key tasks.

Functional Neurological Tests

We use these to gain insights into how well the brain and body are talking to each other.

Necessary Orthopedic Tests

Dr. Keltie will hand select the testing regiment that most accurately evaluates your symptoms and likelys causes.

Hands On Spinal Movement Assessment

Further manual testing can be required to uncover whats going on in your body and give us a more complete picture.  

New Patients

Consultation, Exam & Adjustment


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